About Piedmont

A Brief History.

The area now known as Piedmont is a community that began in the early 1840's. Located at the crossroads of two early post roads, tradition has it that a hollow stump was used by the mailman to deposit and pick up the mail. This point received the official name of "Hollow Stump."

Later, a registered post office named “Griffen’s Creek” was established by the Postmaster General. Major Jacob Forney Dailey of North Carolina came to Alabama in 1848 and bought land from the Prices family. History states the Prices were believed to be the first landowners here. Major Dailey named the area “Cross Plains”.

An official post-office was named “Cross Plains” on September 22, 1851. For a few months the office was discontinued in 1869. 

In 1870 the name was changed to “Patona.” But on June 7, 1870, the name was changed back to “Cross Plains.” The name “Patona” was found to be most undesirable.

On July 30, 1888, the Postal Department renamed the office “Piedmont”. The name Piedmont—meaning ‘Foot of the Mountains’—was pleasing to the people who enjoyed being nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain range and surrounded by the scenic beauty.

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